Essas frases do texto da Thump dizem exatamente o que é passar algumas horas na pista do Despacio. Os arrepios voltam só de lembrar. Despacio is Happiness.


The best sound system in the world, and the greatest party you’ve ever been to.

We’d built this unbelievable soundsystem, so we wanted to get all of our records out.

There are records that don’t work when you play them on generic sound systems. They’re not dynamic or strong enough. But then you play them on the Despacio system and they suddenly work. Ten minutes of percussion on a normal system and people will lose attention, they will be waiting for the next drop. But in the right environment, with Despacio, they come alive.

A dedication to facilitating the music, and allowing for the purest interaction with it possible.

Because there are seven stacks, we (DJs) are totally removed from focus. We also try and keep the capacity low, so it leaves space for people to dance around. It’s weird to say this, but on the first one we did, the biggest surprise for us was how much actual dancing there was. People were pulling actual moves!

The resultant euphoria can’t be fully expressed in videos, or photos.

But that’s it! David responds excitedly, people just smile so much the whole time.